Tasha is a 4-6 months, shar pei/terrier mix.  She was brought into the greenville shelter with a prolapsed rectum.  We had her immediately taken to the vet where she is being treated.  She is very sweet, loves to cuddle, and is good-natured. Weighs about 25 lbs. People that turned her in said she  just wandered up to their house…???   


We had her rectum repaired on Monday.  She will have to stay at the vet to make sure the repair will hold and then will be released to a rescue or foster.  The vet say she is a beautiful sweet dog and so worth saving.


She can’t go back to Greenville or she will be euthanized because of her condition.  We desperately need donations for her care and to find a home for her.  Please, help us help her by donating.


Contact is:


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