Updated: 11/21/08


Time up days are the days the animals are scheduled to be euthanized.

Owner surrendered cats are the first to be euthanized when we run out of room..

 If you want a cat tested for FIV/FLV you have to let us know before hand. We do not test unless asked to test; if positive we cannot send that cat out.


Prank and Caper are 4 month old siblings! Turned in as strays! All really sweet cats! Time is up

mama Bella and her two little girls are so awesome! Time up 11-20

This is Sylvester- a 2yr old male neutered-stray! His time is up 11/20


Silvia! A 1-2 yr old girl time is up


Our e-mail is animalcareservices@greenvillecounty.org


Allergic to the cat-owner turn in her name is Piper and she is 10 yrs old! Spayed! 

this is Grandie, she is 1-2 yrs old! Great girl! her time is up 11/23

Beyonce is about 5 yrs old Spayed and declawed! Great girl, so sweet! Time is up 11-22 

this beautiful Mama Penny and her two 3-4 wk old babies Pinky and Purple are adorable! LOOK A LIKES! Time up 11-24 for these girls! 
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