Updated 11/20/08

Calling all local rescues…we need your help. We had ONE puppy break with parvo yesterday in a room FILLED with healthy pups. The healthy pups were either going to adoptions or to rescues via transports. However, since they were exposed to parvo, they can’t go either of those places. Exposure was minimal, no one was in the same cage as the sick pup or was exposed to the sick pup’s poop. We cannot transport these pups out of state, but we want them saved. Here is a list of what we have. Please contact us at animalcareservices@greenvillecounty.org if you can help. Thanks…Oh and by the way, they have to be out by Sunday, and not before Saturday afternoon. They have to wait for their stray hold to be up. Everyone was vaccinated upon arrival at the shelter Monday or Tuesday. We have sent MANY pups that have been exposed to parvo to rescues that were able to quarantine them, and have not had ANY break with parvo yet.

Layla, mix, 3months old, female

Lil’ Kim, brindle mix, female, 4 months old

Tara, mix, female, 3 months old

Nicole and Jen, 3 month old lab mixes, both female

litter of 4 mix breed puppies, 8 wks old

Kismet, male lab mix, 8 wks

Parker, male lab mix, 8 wks old

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